About Us

Kristen's idea of Granny Mail was created in finding a solution to show love and remembrance to her Grandparents.  Each Christmas a special year long calendar was given as a gift to my Grandparents.  One day every month family members would take time out to remember them.  My Grandparents did not have cell phones, and being busy with homeschooling, working on the side as a recruiter, and all my kids activities, unfortunately I found it challenging to make these days meaningful and special for them. 

After brainstorming some ideas I went back to my "scrapbook days".  I had run a monthly subscription scrapbooking kit long before subscription boxes were an industry.  I had also went onto design my own lines of scrpabooking products I had sold in stores all over the world.  Why not go back to my roots and create fun, meaningful postcards with a thoughtful note and send them off each month.  

Granny Mail was born.  And even better we "Personalize" our cards for that extra special touch.  How fun is it to find something in the mail-let alone with your name on it?!  I have loved creating fun, meaningful, physical products and even better providing ALL that you need to get these sent off to your loved ones-cards, stamps and a pen. Easy Peasy!

Take time out, unplug with your kids, gather around the kitchen table and let your loved ones know that you are thinking of them.